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We Accelerate the Energy Transition


Decarbonised energy system needs affordable green hydrogen and flexibility.

Decarbonising has profitability challenges

Green H2 will be used where direct electrification is not applicable. Currently developing industry.

Green H2 is made from renewable electricity

Electricity is 80% of green H2 OPEX. Challenging business environment due to regulation and volatility.

Dual business case as green H2 and electricity storage

Renewable electricity can be stored as green H2 and it can provide flexibility. Optimisation needed between two revenue streams.


Benefits of the Hytrade’s solution

Hytrade’s approach offers clear benefits compared to traditional approaches to electricity trading and flexibility. We combine robust technology with advanced trading strategies to maximize profits and control the risks associated with volatile power markets. Our focus is in helping our clients to navigate in a fast paced and uncertain business environment. This we do by combining cloud-native solutions with intraday trading and probabilistic forecasting.

In a continuously traded intraday market the value of flexibility is defined based on the latest information available to the traders. Being connected to the market and manufacturing process in real time enables green hydrogen producers to identify availability and amount of flexibility from the process data and calculate its value based on latest market data. We see that the benefits of our approach are created as the sum of these elements.



Anne and J-P have developed and launched new service business from the scratch, with years of experience with vendor and tech companies to build a service for complex industrial processes. They also have deep understanding of different electricity market players and they have established customer contacts and collaboration with potential H2/P2X customers in addition to various other industrial companies.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line! Our emails are in firstname.lastname @ format.

Anne Särkilahti

Anne Särkilahti


20+ yrs experience from energy markets, mostly physical and financial trading/portfolio management and power market analysis. Long background in managing specialists teams and strategy development.

Jukka-Pekka Häkli

Jukka-Pekka Häkli


25+ yrs experience from energy trading – proprietary trading and investment services. Strong background in business development, both in start-ups and M&A.